Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had a revelation this week.  Wait, let's back up a bit.  A little over a month ago I got a job.  I'm working from home, but I need to work 20 hours a week.  When I took the position I thought this would be a piece of cake.  It has been a challenge, however, to find 20 hours in a week!  Some days have found me crying out to God about how to fit everything into a day!  One way I've been trying to fit more in is by getting up a little earlier each day and working before the boys are out of bed.  I can get about 2 hours of work in before the boys are really up and moving about. 

But our homeschool has sufferend.  I haven't really been taking the time to prepare and plan, so we fly by the seat of our pants and some days we weren't getting too much accomplished.  This week, I didn't get any planning time over the weekend, so instead of working on Monday morning I planned our lessons for the week.  So far, it's been going so well.  The old addage is true, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." 

But still, I was not getting some of the routine housework and my devotions completed every day.  Here comes the revelation.  Each morning, after breakfast, I tell the boys, "Chores and morning routine."  They each have 3 daily chores, plus they must brush their teeth, have devotions and write in their gratitude journals.  It was like a clap of thunder when it hit me...I can do my chores and read my bible when they do!  Usually I was preparing lessons materials, printing pages, or getting out books, while they were doing chores and morning routine, but since lessons are already planned, I can take the time while they're doing chores to sweep the kitchen and living room and throw in a load of laundry (my daily chores).  While the boys are reading their bible and journalling, I can read my bible and journal.  And yes, I am brushing my teeth when they do in the morning, too!  Oftentimes, the boys are done with devotions before me but they know what lessons to start when they're finished so that I can finish my devotions.

Ok, so now you've lost all respect for me.  You're saying, "Oh please...this is a revelation?!?  Come on!"  I remember being told at my baby shower, "Sleep when the baby sleeps."  It's that same principle, isn't it?  But I gotta tell you, this has revolutionized my day.  I feel great, and I had to share!

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