Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Online Math program

I received a 45-day membership for our sons to 3P Learning's Mathletics website in return for the following review.


If you read my blog with any regularity, you may know that I love math.  It's a sickness really.  My boys, even though they are great at math, don't love it.  It's because when I formally taught them in the early days, I was impatient, which caused them to hate math-time with Mommy.  Earlier in this year we were given the opportunity to review an on-line math program, which we all enjoyed.  Several weeks ago, we were given another opportunity to review a different on-line math program from 3P Learning.  The site is called Mathletics.


This is a very entertaining website.  It is very graphic intensive, so an older PC with a dial-up connection might give you problems.  They do have system requirements on their website so be sure to check those out before trying out this program.


Although I received two sign-ons, one for each of our boys, one sign-on had already been assigned to a girl in Canada.  When I contacted customer service I never received a reply.  As a result of this, only our youngest son used this program for any amount of time.  He enjoyed using it because it is very gamelike.  Our boys do play video games and computer games and we don't limit it too much as long as it doesn't get out of hand.  So our guys are really familiar with on-line gaming.  The graphics were good and there was opportunities to play games when certain lessons were complete.  Of course our 11-year-old T-Bone LOVED the games.  When setting up his sign-on he got to design a little person to represent him on-line.  He liked doing that too.  All-in-all he liked using this program, but had no problems when I told him it was time to return to what we have been using this year.


I found this to be a fun program, but the math level was a little lower than what we use typically.  In other words, when we put in his grade level, the math-work that was required of him was more review and less challenging than I like. (which is why T-bone liked it so much, I think)  I never received a response to my customer service concern, so I can't recommend them in customer service.


This webiste/program is known for having great parental controls and check-ups, but I would prefer to have those land in my email in-box.  I didn't receive any updates from Mathletics after T-Bone signed-on and began using the program.  As any busy homeschool mom, I didn't think to get on-line, log into the program and check on his progress.  I was watching and sitting in the living room as he worked on-line so I knew what he was doing.  I recorded his time for our records, but it would have been nice to get an email updateof his progress. 


It's a good program, you could solve the level problem by simply bumping your student up a level when registering.  There are opportunities to compete against other students using math-skills you develop while using this program, which can be very appealing to children.  Unfortunately there is  no free-trial so that you can get a taste of Mathletics.  But check out their website if you're interested in learning more about this program.  It is available for Kindergarten through grade 8.


Mathletics is relatively inexpensive as on-line math programs go.  The cost is $59 for a one-year subscription.  But while subscribing, if you enter "the human calculator's favorite number" (it's 9) you can get your subscription for $49.95.   You can see subscription information by hitting the "purchase" button on the mathletics website.  One drawback is that there is no discount for multiple students, so for a large family this could get pricey. 


For more information about Mathletics, check out their "about" page by going to their website and clicking on the "about mathletics" button.  And, as always, here's the link to the other crew members' reviews.

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  1. If you log on to your parent account, you can check a little box that results in a great summary report being emailed to you each week. It's in where you edit the account details for the parent. Just thought I'd pass that along :)

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