Monday, December 7, 2009

Cross Stitch Performing Arts Center

Last year, we were introduced to a little playhouse for children and youth in the back-country of Juniata County.  It seemed a pastor's wife had a vision for a performing arts center where children could be encouraged in some of the areas that public schools were dropping, like music and drama.  All of this would be done with a Christian theme.  Last year our boys took part in the first performance of this fledgling group and it was very entertaining.  The boys really enjoyed getting to know the other cast members.  It was a mixed-bunch.  Some children were homeschooled, many in the public school, a few in a local Christian school.  We knew some families going into this venture, but got to know many new families through taking the kids to weekly rehearsals.


Although the group continued to work through the Spring and Summer, we took that time off of Cross-Stitch.  We did return this Fall as they began to organize the Christmas program.  And this past weekend (12-5-09 and 12-06-09) was the culmination of all their efforts and they put on an adaptation of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol."  It was lovely.  I was so proud of our two boys as each of them was a Scrooge (this one large part was divided amongst four boys).  Our youngest also played Charles Dickens as a narrator and our oldest was the ghost of Christmas future.


I am glad that as we get closer to Christmas all of our running to play rehearsals and performances is over, but it was a great experience and one not to be missed.  If you have a drama club near you, get your children involved.  Even if they are not the outgoing, actor-type, there is a role for them somewhere.  You get to know so many fine people.  Your children get to be directed by adults who love their craft.  And you get to watch them on stage.  It's an experience like none-other.

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