Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Christmas Time! Time for some lights!

About a month ago, we got to drive through Herhsey's "Sweet Lights."  Sweet Lights is a drive through light show offered near Hershey Park.  I wanted to give you a short pictorial tour through Sweet Lights as we saw it.  This is by no means all that could be seen, but it was truly beautiful.  If you are one of those people who love driving around at Christmastime looking at lights in the neighborhood, you would love Sweet Lights.  Enjoy!

The arm moved and the notes drifted upward as you drove past.  Also there was a radio station you could tune your car radio to to listen to Christmas carols as you drove.

As you can see the lights were very detailed and ornate.

A very happy pointsetta!

They modeled this one after our house! LOL

The boys' favorite part was afterward when my dad bought ice cream sundays at Dairy Queen! I loved the lights.  It was a great way to start the season.

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  1. . . . the one and only time we went to see Sweet Lights was many years ago when Gracie was potty training. We got about 1/2 way through the tour when she announced that she had to pee. There is nowhere to pull over during the tour and there were MANY cars behind us. So, I tried to improvise. I dumped some soda out of a large fast-food cup and tried to have her squat and go in that. No such luck. I wore the pee home - all over the leg of my jeans. Ugh! We haven't been back. I wonder why?