Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love fiction!

I had a great plan.  As I was readingBertie's War, I was going to post the quotes I was copying over the past couple days.  I did post one quote two days ago, but that's all I got posted!  Wouldn't that have been a great plan, though?  I could have sent you teasers of all these great quotes and then you would have been dying to read Bertie's War.  Good plan right?  Well, if I ever get to review fiction again, maybe I'll remember my brilliant plan.

I received a complimentary  copy of Bertie's War, a novel, from Kregel Publications so that I could write this unbiased review for you.

Bertie's War was a terrific book.  It was the story of Roberta, a very fearful little girl who was growing up in the middle of the cold war.  Her parents were the stern no-nonsense type.  She had an older sister who barely tolerated her and a younger brother who was her playmate.  She had a vast and rich fantasy life and was an avid reader.  Although she knew she was getting too old to play she was still drawn to playing pretend.  This is why her brother considered her a playmate, she could still pretend.  It was also why her sister finds her annoying...she could still pretend.

In Bertie's entire life she had never gone to the woodshed which was where her father doled out punishment.  Her two siblings spent lots of time there, but Bertie's main goal in life was to always follow the rules and avoid punishment.  This fed into her fear.   But she was also fearful of all the talk of nuclear war.  When her father watched the news, she ran for her playhouse. 

I read this book in 3 days.  I was immediately drawn into the main character, Bertie.  The book is not one with a riveting plot line.  I would say it's subtle.  But I still wanted to read more after each chapter.  The chapters were brief, which encouraged me to keep reading.  The plot and the words were not simplified.  Although this is listed as a "tween" book, it did not feel like I was reading a children's book.

I found myself really relating to Bertie throughout the book, not only as I was as a child, but now as an adult.  I learned a lot about myself as Bertie learned about herself in the closing chapters of the book.  And I did copy several quotes.  They were quotes that spoke to me in my life and quotes that were just good writing.

Kregel has many fiction and non-fiction offerings on their website.  They offer books ranging from children to tweens to adults.  Check them out and you will find something to meet your reading needs.

I enjoyed reading Bertie's war.  The book itself was well-made and felt good in my hands.  But, as always, check out the reviews of other crew-mates to gather the opinions of others.  And then check out Kregel Publications and Bertie's War.  It's a good book.

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  1. Hi, this is Barbara Blakey, the author of Bertie's War. Thank you so much for your encouraging review. Bertie's War is my first attempt at fiction and I've been eagerly awaiting to hear what readers think. Again, thanks.