Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Learning to Play Guitar

We had dinner music tonight while having our family supper.  The CD player in the kitchen is broken, so I'm not going to tell you about a new CD.  It was LIVE dinner music!  Each of our sons played "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" on the guitar after just one lesson!  We began using Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class on DVD this week.  We received Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class Volume One to review and I'm so glad we did!  "Learn to play guitar" has been on my life-list for a long time.  As I've told you before I've played piano since I was 8.  But you know, the thing about playing the piano is that you can't take it along with you to the campfire.  I wanted to be able to play something "portable."  Since I have music experience, I don't need to learn music-theory or how to read music.    I can tell you after just two days, though, what I do need is CALLOUSES!  My fingers really hurt while practicing today.


I love this DVD.  We dusted off Big Mac's youth guitar to begin our first lesson.  But before we could begin lesson one our little guitar needed some serious tuning.  Well, of course, this DVD has a section about tuning!  We were able to tune our guitar to Jean Welles playing guitar on the TV.  It was great.  We were off to our first lesson.  Each of us took turns playing along, rewinding the DVD, and playing some more.  At the end of lesson one which didn't even last 30 minutes, each of us could play a halting "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." 


Today, we didn't proceed to the next lesson but decided to continue practicing the two chords we learned yesterday.  At dinner tonight the boys could play our first chorus pretty well!  Me?  My fingers hurt... but I'm playing!  I'm so excited to continue with the next six lessons.  There are seven total lessons in Volume One.  With each lesson you learn a new song.  So after we finish this book we are going to know seven worship choruses!  This program totally rocks!


The video is a no-frills instructional DVD.  It is just Jean Welles sitting in a pleasant indoor setting, playing, and talking.  Her voice is calm and gentle.  Close-ups of her fingers on the strings really helped us to see what we should be doing.  She even told us how to hold the guitar, which each of us really needed!


If "learn to play guitar" is on your life-list, pick up Jean Welles Worship Guitar.  As long as your children are big enough to hold the guitar, they can learn from this DVD.  She makes it very easy to understand.  You can buy volume one for $29.95, or you can get all four Volumes of the DVD which comes with lots of extra e-books for $99.80.  Add the books to the 4-DVD set for a total of $119.80.  We will be continuing with lesson two by the end of the week, so it should only take two months for us to work through all of Volume One.  This should give you an idea of how quickly you could work your way through the four DVD set. 


There are quite a few products  offered at www.worshipguitarclass.com, so check them out.  And you can contact Jean Welles here.  When we received our package it contained a lovely note from the company encouraging us to contact them if we had any questions, so I know you are welcome to contact them with your questions or concerns.


And, of course, please don't take my word for it.  Check out the other crew reviews here.  But please, check out Jean Welles products if you have any interest in playing the guitar.  She gives God all the glory.  At the beginning of the Volume One DVD she talks at length about learning how big our Great God is!  That's the kind of company I want to support.




Jean Welles Worship Guitar provided me with a free copy of their Volume I DVD and Book to test and use in order to write this review.

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