Sunday, January 3, 2010

Music Lessons Online

Since November, the boys and I have been having fun learning some very basic music theory using Kinderbach.  I've played piano since I was in 2nd grade.  I tried to teach the boys, but because I'm not organized and didn't stick with regular lessons and making them practice, neither of them play the piano.  Music is a required subject in PA, so I need to teach them a little music each year.  Quite often I teach it to them in the form of music appreciation by going to concerts and listening to classical composers.  But, we were given a complimentary membership for a few months to Kinderbach on-line piano lessons.  Even though the age range is much younger than our boys' age-group (Kinderbach suggests ages 2-7), we gave it a try.


We all acutally enjoyed these lessons.  They were very short.  They were entertaining.  And they were physically involving.  The boys were up dancing, or playing rhythm instruments, or playing a "song" on the piano from the very beginning.  For almost every lesson there are pages to print.

The pages had activities for the boys to do that had to do with the lesson.  There was also coloring opportunities.  What's great about this is that we have to submit a portfolio to the school district showing progress in each area of study.  Having these pages in the music section of our portfolio will definitely fulfill that requirement.


I enjoyed taking part in this program.  I'd love to see how far I could get the boys in music theory and piano by using these lessons.  There are six levels of lessons.  If used weekly, they would take over a year to complete.  We began with level one and completed that before our complimentary subscription ran out.  As I said the lessons are brief but entertaining and I like Kinderbach's approach to music theory making it fun for children.


Kinderbach has pricing plans as low as $7.95 a month.  They also have DVD options and other products available here.  If you would like to contact them directly, Kinderbach's address is P.O. Box 181 Le Claire, IA  52753.  Their email is and telephone, 1-563-332-0587. 


We really enjoyed using Kinderbach's lessons.  If the boys were smaller, I would definitely give this a try to give them a "jump" on music instruction.  All you need to get started is an internet connection, a printer, and a thrift-store keyboard.  We've seen small keyboards at thrift stores quite often.  They would be put to good use when learning via Kinderbach.


And you can give this a try for free!  They offer a series of free lessons.  Sign-in for free lessons here.  I love when you can try out a program before you buy it.  So give Kinderbach a try!  If you don't want to take my word for it, check out the reviews of the other crew members here.


I received a membership to Kinderbach for a little over 2 months in exchange for this un-biased review of their product.

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