Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do I really need MORE books?

The short answer to that is a resounding, "Yes!"  We have four six-foot book shelves filled with books.  Most of the shelves are stacked two deep.  Did I just buy a bag full of books at the used book sale?  You betcha!

So when I was asked to tell you about HomeSchool Library Builder (HSLB), I jumped at the chance!  This is a really neat business idea.  At HSLB, you can buy new and gently used books, but it's so much more than that.  By becoming a member, which is totally free, you earn book points.  Every 15 book points equals one dollar toward purchasing a book.  You earn book points just by becoming a member.  You earn book points every time you purchase a book at HSLB.  You earn book points by promoting HSLB on your blog or website.  You earn book points when a friend becomes a member, uses your name as a referral and purchases a book!  Ok, I'll admit it...HSLB is feeding my book addiction!


But there is much more to this company than just books.  Last weekend, they offered a special sale where you could earn an extra 15 percent discount on top of the current sale if you made a donation to Heartline Ministry's mission to earthquake-torn Haiti.  This is a company with a heart.  On their website, there is a HELPING HAND option.  If you purchase any of the books listed there, all of that money will go towards sponsoring a child from Compassion International.  At other times they have helped other very worthy causes.


The other thing I think is really cool about HSLB is that they support and ENDORSE other homeschooling moms with their home businesses.  At this link you will find the HSLB marketplace where different vendors are featured each month.  There are some really different and interesting vendors there.  Check it out.


Right now, all the books at Home School Library Builder are on sale for 20% off.  Remember whatever you buy you earn book points for.  And speaking of book points...when you register, tell them Lori Lynn Lydell sent you!  I need to give my husband a reason to put a fifth bookshelf in the study!

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