Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math by DVD

Math has never really been a problem in this house.  I've loved math for as long as I can remember.  The truth is that I only just began loving writing in the last few years.  Math was my first educational love.  As a result, we don't really struggle with math in our little homeschool.  But I know that a lot of moms and a lot of homeschools consider math to be their most difficult subject.  If this is you, you may find the DVDs available at to be very beneficial. 


I received The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor 8 Hour Video Course! retailing for $26.99 which is part of the 1st through 7th grade math DVD program.  I think it would be optimal for a fourth grader through 7th grade as the subjects get progressively more difficult.

The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor   is an 8 hour DVD set about word problems.  Word problems are usually a stumbling point for most math students.   It takes different skills to be able to read a paragraph and write a math problem than to just simply do a math problem put before you.  This DVD set covers the following subjects on 2 DVDs:

Disc 1
Section 1: Adding Whole Numbers
Section 2: Subtracting Whole Numbers
Section 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers
Section 4: Dividing Whole Numbers
Section 5: Adding Decimals
Section 6: Subtracting Decimals
Section 7: Multiplying Decimals
Section 8: Dividing Decimals

Disc 2
Section 9: Adding Fractions
Section 10: Subtracting Fractions
Section 11: Multiplying Fractions
Section 12: Dividing Fractions
Section 13: Percents, Part 1
Section 14: Percents, Part 2
Section 15: Ratio and Proportion

As you can see the level of difficulty gets progressively more complex.  This is not a DVD that you will cover in one year.  The first few subjects may be covered in the 4th or 5th grade year, but you won't get to Section 15 Ratio and Proportion until much later in your child's math-career.


Each section is presented in a clear and consise manner, and explained very well.  The instructor talks about different words that are "dead giveaways" in a word-problem.  Finding those words is very helpful when trying to decipher a word problem.


Unfortunately, the presentation, although clear and thorough, is very dry.  The video is just the instructor and his white board.  The instructor's voice is very monotone.  He doesn't get really excited about what he's instructing, or try to liven it up in any way.  If you are watching the video to learn a process, you will do that.  If you want your child to embrace word problems with love and affection, this DVD won't do that.


As I watched the word-problem explanations, I wished for additional problems.  I could imagine watching the DVD and then handing one of my sons a worksheet that would apply what he'd just learned and worked through with the video instructor.  This DVD doesn't allow that itself.  But does have a membership program with access to worksheets.  You can find more information about that membership here.  With the right set of worksheets, this DVD could be used as a brief curriculum.  Not a full year, but a few weeks of good thorough training in word-problems.


The other DVD I reviewd was Young Minds Numbers and Counting which retails for $19.99.  This would be a great DVD for a toddler or early-preschooler.  I loved this DVD and longed to have a young person in this house so that I could pop in Young Minds Numbers and Counting and let them enjoy the music and the beautiful pictures while they learned about numbers and counting. 

In this DVD, beautiful classical music (some of my favorites) plays in the background, moving photographs are shown while numbers and counting are being discussed.  It is a gentle and beautiful way for a young one to learn these basic math skills.  Our two boys (ages 11 and 13) are WAY beyond this DVD, but they even enjoyed looking at the pictures on the screen.  There wer puppies and zebras and frogs and horses...the list goes on.


If you have a toddler in the house, get them this DVD it will be a favorite for years. carries a lot of math DVDs on a wide-range of subjects and grades or ages.  If you visit their website this page is an index of all the products they offer.  If you would like to contact MathTutor for more information, you will find their contact information here.   As always, please check out the reviews of my other crew-mates here


I reveived two free DVDs in the mail a few weeks ago to review from in order to give you this review. 

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