Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math on the Road

Our sons and I are leaving this Sunday for Florida.  Since there is 20 inches of snow on the ground in central PA, most everyone is pretty jealous of us.  Our trip is not totally for pleasure, although the boys and I are planning some outtings.  We are taking my mom to Florida so that she can visit with her ailing sister.  Mom needs to take this trip, but at 76, doesn't feel comfortable taking the trip alone.  So the boys and I are are her chauffeurs for a week.  I'm completely honored to be able to serve my mom in this way.


Since we will be driving, I'm going to take advantage of the time and the boys' captivity and I'm preparing lessons for the journey.  We've been doing math on-line this year.  When I first reviewed it, I loved it.  The longer we used it, the less we loved it.  Now we can't wait for it to be over!  And we're close to it being over.  That being said, we can't take an internet-ready PC to get to our math curriculum while driving.


That's why I was so glad for the opportunity to review products from Math Mammoth.  When Math Mammoth contacted me and asked which of their items I would like to review, I had no idea.  I mean, they have a lot of great items.  Just check out the lists on their home page!  I read over all they had to offer and talked about it with our guys.  They were really intrigued with the Make It Real Learning workbooks.  Specifically, the boys wanted to try out the Sets, Probability, Statistics I Workbook.  I contacted Maria Miller.  You can do that here.  And told her about our boys.  She suggested I go with the Grade 7 Pre-Algebra Worksheets  (7.75) in addition to the Make It Real Learning workbook.


I printed several of the Grade 7 worksheets for the trip and placed them in a clip board ready for the road.  The first thing that impressed me about these sheets is how clean they are when printed.  I'm running low of colored ink, so I printed them in black and white.  The pages are crystal clear and print very nicely.


Even the beginning worksheets are challenging.  The first group of sheets deal with basic math concepts but the problems are not at all easy.  I like that even though the concept is a review subject, the problems are challenging.  Of course, as the worksheets go along the subjects get more challenginging.  I'm finding lots of usefulness for these sheets however since our oldest son has completed a pre-algebra course and our youngest will begin pre-algebra next year.  For Big Mac, these sheets can be used as a review.  For T-bone, I will use them as a reinforcement of next year's learning.  You can print as many sets of these sheets as you need for your homeschool. 


The boys are actually looking forward to trying out the Make It Real Learning book.   That really excites me because if you've read any of my other blog entries, although the boys are great at math, they hate it.  So if I can hear "Yeah!  Let's do that!" about a math I'm one happy girl.  The idea of Make It Real Learning is that it's an opportunity to show children why we learn certain concepts.  Make It Real Learning answers the question, "But WHY do I have to learn this?!?"  There are lessons sets in this series on a variety of subjects, all available for $4.99.


Another cool thing about Math Mammoth is that they offer a variety of free worksheets so that you can see the kinds of products available.  I especially love that you can try sample pages of the books you want to buy.  That's a feature every company should offer, but not alot do.  Math Mammoth provides a great service by offering sample pages.


If you would like to learn more about other Math Mammoth products, check out the reviews of other crew members here.  We were all given options about what product to choose, so you can learn about the many different products and levels that Math Mammoth offers from the reviews of other crew members.  And check out Math Mammoth's products.  They offer a variety of products including full curriculum.  What we received was well-done and easy to use and implement in our little homeschool.  Maybe you will find the same results if you give Math Mammoth a try.

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