Thursday, March 25, 2010


Years and years ago, keep in mind our guys are now 13 and 11, our boys fell in LOVE with super heroes.  I knew who my youngest son was by the name he called me, if he said, "Hewwo Wois."  He was superman and I was Lois Lane.  If he said, "Hewwo, Vicki!"  I was Vicki Vale and he was batman.  If he said, "Hewwo Jesse."  I was Jesse and he was Buzz Lightyear of star command.  Our boys lived in batman and superman pajamas.  They went to the store in them.  They went to the library in them.  I kept those little pajamas.  They are now in their baby boxes, waiting for their brides to know who these precious men were as boys.


In those years, we discovered BibleMan!  Here was a superhero who also talked about the Word of God.  The boys were immediately infatuated.  I loved BibleMan, too.  Not only did he satisfy our guys' need for adventure, but he also taught them biblical truths.  How great is that?

I was excited when Book Sneeze sent me a complimentary copy of Combating the Commandant of Confusion:  a bibleman LIVE adventure to review.  I felt nostalgic for those old BibleMan videos that had been passed on to another young boy as I put this DVD into the player. 


Although BibleMan has changed since we were fans, it still does not disappoint.  In this BibleMan DVD, BibleMan and his crew go to a live event.  Of course, the villains are still there.  The Commandant of Confusion actually made my husband and I laugh with his distortion of the English language.  The message is still there.  In this DVD we learn about putting on the full armor of God and the power found in God's word.  And the BibleMan is still there.  This time with an able team to support him just like our Christian family and friends support us.


All in all I highly recommend BibleMan for children.  This DVD lists ages 6-10 but I know two boys who were much younger than 6 who fell in love with BibleMan.  I think that boys as young as 3 would enjoy BibleMan Combating the Commandant of Confusion, girls too!  The BibleMan has women helping on his team as well as men.  This is a DVD that teaches wonderful life lessons using action and adventure.  As our boys are older, they found the acting "hokey", but they have become somewhat jaded with age.  The special features on this DVD which include learning motions to a fun song and taking BibleMan sword training were a lot of fun even for my pre-teens!

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