Friday, March 26, 2010

Imaginary Jesus

I loved loved loved this audio!  Several weeks ago I received a complimentary copy of the audio Imaginary Jesus from Christian Audio in return for this review.  This is a fiction-ish book about a man's search for the true Jesus.  I say fiction-ish because it is written by the author in first person, and set in the town in which he lives.  What he went through in the book is what we all go through in life, which again makes me say "fiction-ish" becuase it was very real.

I was hooked by the very first chapter, chapter 0, when I listened to this book.  I couldn't wait to get an opportunity to listen to more whenever I was alone in the car.  Finally, I spent the better part of a day ignoring my children and listenening to the rest of the book.


I am now on my second listen, with my entire family.  Our two sons, my husband and I are listening to Imaginary Jesus in the car.  We're all loving it.  It's funny, but poignant.  My husband and I keep talking about how applicable this book is to life if you think about the meaning of what the author says.


Read by the author, Matt Mikalatos, it is easy to listen to.  He changes his voice slightly for various characters.  He uses great intonations to pass along the funny parts of the story.  It's a great read/listen.  I highly recommend Imaginary Jesus read by Matt Mikalatos.  It is available from Christian Audio as an MP3 download for $12.98 or on CD for $21.98.  I loved this book.  I learned a lot about my relationship to Christ from listening to it AND I was entertained!  It's a triple threat.

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  1. LoriLynn--

    Thanks so much for this generous review. Anytime I can make someone ignore their children, I feel that I've done my job! :) Just kidding. Glad you enjoyed it and thrilled that you and your family are listening to it together!

    --Matt Mikalatos