Monday, March 15, 2010

Pursuing Art

Ever since they were very small, our boys have drawg.  They have filled up numerouse sketchbooks.  They have hung pictures all over the house.  We're not just an "on-the-refrigerator" type family, drawings end up everywhere.  They even have a series of six frames that hang in the living room devoted to the boys creations.


Although I encourage them to continue drawing, that's about all I can do, encourage.  I don't know the first thing about shading, sketching, or any other area of art.  It's quite shameful since my mother and brother are artists in their own right.  But, me?  Clueless.

Then I received a complimentary copy of Artistic Pursuits Junior High Book One to review for the purpose of writing this blog.   I've got to tell you this is one of my favorite resources of all those I've received during this year of crew reviews.  I was immediately impressed with this resource.  I wish I could show you the pages from the book.  They are beautiful.  Examples of fine art to illustrate the technique being taught are woven throughout the book along with student sketches.  This is not only an art-technique book, but also an art-history and art-appreciation resource.  Each lesson has components that encourage the student (and in my case, the Mommy) to enjoy a piece of art from another period and country and consider it's beauty and the skill of the artist.  And the instruction is phenominal!  We have enrolled the boys in classes taught by art educators in the past and never received the detailed instruction we got from Artistic Pursuits.


In just the first lesson, our boys learned how to sketch using short soft pencil strokes.  And it's not just instruction about the art itself, but we've also learned a lot about art materials.  Both of the boys can tell you in detail which pencils are used for soft lines, and which pencils are used for darker lines.  The lesson gives art instruction AND instruction on the use and applications of art materials.


I am so impressed with Artistic Pursuits.  The book is a comb-bound book printed on thick paper in full-color.  The pages lay flat but I can also fold it back so that we're just looking at one page at a time.  We are taking almost a full school-week to complete each lesson and are really enjoying every bit of it.  I can not recommend this product enough.  Truthfully, the boys could be completing the lessons themselves.  I have a friend who's daughter is working through her Artistic Pursuits on her own, but I'm so enjoying this book I don't want to miss any of it with the boys.  Check out the pages sampled here.  You will see a prime example of the lessons including the art appreciation, and the art-instruction, along with the beautiful graphics.


Please check out Artistic Pursuits.  It is such a quality product.  The book I received, was the Jr. High Book 1 which retails for $42.95.  But if you have children of other ages, Artistic Pursuits has a curriculum for all ages from Kindergarten to Senior High. 


Want to hear other opinions, check out the TOS Crew Blog here, where my fellow crew mates are all blogging about Artistic Pursuits.  Or, contact Artistic Pursuits directly.  I love their contact email.  It's


Give this curriculum a try.  Now's the time to plan for 2010/2011.  I am DEFINITELY including Artistic Pursuits in my plans!

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