Saturday, March 20, 2010


My husband, the Big Dog, and I email each other during the day.  That may seem impersonal to some, but it works for us and keeps us connected.  He also calls at least 3 times during his work day just to check in and tell us he loves us...awww!  ANYWAY, when we are sending an email that talks about lots of different things, we just title the email, "Stuff."  So that explains the title of this blog entry to you.  I have lots of things to tell you and share with you.

First, I have to brag about my shopping trip this morning.  I did my grocery bargain/coupon shopping today while The Big Dog, T-Bone, and Big Mac were at archery class.  I also picked up Angel Food.  We try to get two boxes a month.  It REALLY helps to stretch my grocery budget.  But that's not what I need to tell you about!

Drumroll please!  All of that pictured above...$4.74!!  I went to Rite Aid with my coupons.  I had two coupons from the Sunday paper for $2 off of 3 Hershey's bagged candy, Rite Aid had a $2 off 3-Hershey's bagged candy coupon in their flyer; AND RiteAid emailed me a coupon for $1 off any bagged candy priced $1.99 or more.  The candy you see above was priced at $1.99 a bag.  The Visine ended up being free after I used the Rite Aid coupon from the flyer and the $2 coupon from the Sunday paper.  The Stride Gum was priced at $1 each and I had a coupon from the Rite Aid flyer to buy two and get one free.  I also had a $3 off a $15 purchase sent to me because I am a Wellness member.  When all of my items were scanned at the register I first handed the clerk the $3 off coupon.  THEN I handed her all my coupons.  And the bottom line was $4.74!  I am filling the boys Easter baskets for under $5 and filling my husband's basket too!

I have Sherri Graham's Chocolate Cinnamon Graham Squares cooling on the kitchen table right now.  I'll let you know how they taste.  I have never made anything from Sherri's website  that I haven't loved.  I will never make another brownie recipe again after trying her brownies.

Tonight for supper I'm making a frozen pizza, which I got for a great price at Giant today.  And my friend Heidi'sStrawberry Spinach Salad.  I really want to try her Mock Hamloaf too, but not tonight.

This afternoon I am on my own again.  T-Bone and his daddy, my Big Dog, are going fishing.  I was going to have the afternoon with Big Mac, but while at archery one of his friends invited him to visit.  We've noticed that Big Mac has gotten lots of time alone with his daddy because they both shoot and love archery.  T-Bone doesn't always get that special alone-time with Daddy.  So today, Daddy Big Dog is making an effort to rectify that problem.  Alone time is important for children with both mommy and daddy, but I find as the boys grow it's especially important for them to have time with their Daddy.  They even ask me when I'm getting out of the house so that they can have a boy's night!  I've been really enjoying reading this blog about parenting and gotten some great ideas from there.  Not that I remember anything about boys nights, but it was parenting-related...

Well, that's most of my ramblings for this afternoon.  I'm off to watch food network and write a few reviews...stay tuned!

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  1. Wow, way to go! Guess I should head to RiteAid instead of CVS this week! :) Now if I can just get myself organized!

    Following you~ Lis in MA from the TOS Crew