Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where in the World?

Geography is one of those required subjects here in PA that kind of gets "thrown in" over the course of a year.  Truthfully, I've never felt that I do Geography well in our little homeschool.  I have the boys do a few maps as we're studying history and call it geography.

Last month, I received a resource that might possibly solve all of my geogrphy problems for the rest of our educational career.  That's not an exaggeration.  The Olde World Style US and World Maps from Homeschool In the Woods  cover maps of every country, including their flags, as well as a very thorough coverage of the United States Maps.  Don't let the "Olde World" in the title fool you.  These are current maps of both the world and the United States.  There are also plenty of maps of the Ancient Worlde as well as the US as it developed prior to 1960

Although the maps are terrific, it was the bonus pages that really hooked me.  In the US Maps set, you not only get labelled and un-labelled maps of each state, the United States as a whole, and the US at differing time periods, but you also get fact pages for every state.  You could build a killer notebook by studying one state at a time, including it's state map with your own key of features you've studied and a completed state fact page.

And the World Maps section is just as valuable.  There are maps of ancient and current countries.  In addition to these maps, however, you have lots of really cool notebooking pages.  There are blank brochures ready for you to complete.  Study a country and have your student write a travel brochure about it.  There is a postcard notebooking page.  After learning about a country, you could have your son or daughter write a postcard to grandma as if her or she was visiting the country studied.  There are several report forms that go from the generic to the religious history of the country.  By completing some or all of the notebooking pages, you could have a really thorough study of a country.

And throughout all of the maps and notebooking pages are Homeschool in the Woods' beautiful graphics.  They do remind you of Olde World times.  If you are not familiar with their graphics, Homeschool in the Woods has a freebie page here.  Check out their items and you will see what I mean about the beauty of their products.  I'm learning that I am drawn in by beautiful visuals.  Homeschool in the Woods really has beautiful graphics and the Olde World Style maps are no exception.

If I were wishing I would wish for some lesson plans to go with these maps and resources.  The notebooking pages give me plenty of ideas, but it would be nice to have some examples of uses for these items.  As I said, though, it doesn't take much creativity to figure out how each of the notebooking pages could be used in conjunction with the maps to create a very thorough geography course.

If you would like to purchase Olde World Style Maps they are available as a download for $28.95.  This is the version I received and it was so easy to download and install.  You can also purchase the World maps for $18.95 and the US Maps for $18.95 if you do not wish to receive the set.  If you would prefer to have these maps and notebooking pages on CD, they are available for purchase on the Homeschool In the Woods website for $29.95.  Individually, the World and US maps are available on CD for $19.95 each.

Homeschool In the Woods has a lot of really great products.  I get a newsletter from them that usually has ideas for a mini-unit and printable pages which use their wonderful graphics.  For a complete list of their products, go here.  They have something for all ages.

You can read the reviews of my fellow crew members by going here.  And if you would like to contact this vendor all of the contact information can be found here.

Homeschool in the Woods provided me with a free copy of Olde World Style Maps to test and use in order to write this review.

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