Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel to Terrestria

I recently received a complimentary copy of two of the Terrestria series of books by Ed Dunlop in order to complete this review.  The two books I received were Book 6-The Golden Lamps and Book 7-The Great War.


I was concerned that we would have a hard time understanding this series because we had not read books 1 through 5.  But as we began book 6, The Golden Lamps, we were immediately sucked into the plot and understood all the characters.  I'm sure there is more to be gained by reading the series in order, but having not read books 1 through 5 did not hamper our understanding of book 6: The Golden Lamps at all.  We read this together as a family after supper.

In these allegorical books you are in a fictional place where good and evil clash very regularly.  The good guys are servants of the King.  As stated on his website, "The focus of the series is always on the King."  The bad guys are easily identifiable.  Lately as we've read some popular youth-fiction, it can be difficult to identify whether the bad guy is really bad.  Sometimes the good guys are even bad.  Although you see the good guys struggle with temptation, you still know them to be worshippers of the King in the Terrestria series.


This is a great series for boys, or adventure loving girls, there's even a little romance that's very tastefully done.  As I said before we were able to dive right into The Golden Lamps.  It is action-packed from the start.  I'm sure the entire series is full of action and adventure, as the two books we received proved to be.


There are seven books in the series as well as a parents and teacher's guide to the books.  If you got the parents/teacher's gude, I'm sure you could easily develop a unit study from these books.  The books are reasonably priced on the Dunlop Ministries web site, at $7.99 each or the entire set of seven books for $39.99.  Mr. Dunlop has written other books in addition to the Terrestria Chronicles.  You can read about them on his website


If you are looking for a good allegorical adventure, you will find it in the Terrestria Series.  Pick up the first book and let your children take an adventure that will lead them to serve the King.

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