Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Book Series Our Tweens LOVED!

I just read all 295 pages of Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island out three days!  As I would finish a chapter, our boys would chant, "Read another chapter!  Read another chapter!"  until I would continue reading.  I had to bargain with them to get their lessons done.  "Ok, I'll read one more chapter...AFTER you do your geography worksheets." 

Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island is a thrilling book from the very first chapter.  I totally understood why the boys wanted me to keep reading.  I didn't want to stop reading myself.  And I kept thinking about Max and what he was doing when I was not reading this book.  We all really enjoyed Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island and can't wait for Daddy to read it so that we can talk about it around the dinner table.


At age 14, Max Cassidy has experienced a lot of tragedy in his life.  His father has been missing for 2 years and his mother was convicted of his murder even though no body was ever found.  All of this occurred on the other side of the world in a Central American country known for being corrupt.  Max is now being raised by his father's assistant (his dad was an accomplished magician).  Life was as normal as it could be until a mysterious stranger appears in Max's life to tell him that everything is not as it seems.  This takes Max on a dangerous trip to find his father and clear his mother's name. 


We were riveted to this book and will definitely stay with the series.  As I said earlier, I read it aloud to our two boys.  Thee were a few "bad" words.  The Lord's name was taken in vain and the "H" word was used a few times.  Reading aloud, I could replace those words.  I also wouldn't suggest this for a child younger than 14 as there was some violence that was pretty graphic.  I asked our boys for what age this book would be appropriate and they both said "14" without being prompted by me. 


If you like series and you have adventure-seeking children, check out Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island.  It was an excellent book and we can't wait for the next installment.


I received a complimentary copy of Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island from Walden Media in exchange for this unbiased-honest review.

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