Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paperback Swap

Have you heard about paperback swap?  I started using it a little over a month ago and I'm totally addicted!  Here's how it works after you have an account:  you list the books you are willing to send to a requestor; others request your books; you send them via media mail; you get credits so that you can request books from others.

So I listed 10 items on my first day.  Within an hour I had 3 book requests from others.  Since then I have listed a bunch more books and I am shipping out at least 5 a week!  We've received several books that are on our "wish" list and have a lot of book credits to use.

It is so much fun!  Our "postage" line in the budget had increased dramatically but getting the mail has become a fun adventure as new books are rolling in regularly.  And there are homeschooling books available as well as fiction and non-fiction!

Just the other day I was looking over the list of library books that I planned to look for on our next trip.  One book on the list was one we had checked out a few years ago.  I knew that when I found it again this year I was going to need it for several weeks.  So, I got curious, I went onto paperback swap, found the book, and ordered it.  For no charge, since I had credits from sending books to others in my account, I was going to receive this book!  It came in the mail today. 

This is so much fun!  There's no charge.  And it has DRASTICALLY reduced my book-budget!  I highly recommend this site.  And if you plan to join, tell them auntlu sent you!

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