Monday, August 16, 2010

Filling the Freezer

This is not a cooking blog.  Honest it's not.  But I do have another kitcheny-cooking-y thing to tell you.  Lately I've been cooking with my freezer in mind.  I love  I get lots of great sale information and freebies from following this site.  One of the things she does almost monthly is have a freezer cooking day.  How she does it with three small children, I have no idea!  I have a 12 and 13 year old and there is no way I could squeeze in an entire day to cook and fill my freezer.

But the idea of filling your freezer with pre-made meals and snacks is really appealing to me.  So, last week I added 1 chicken casserole, 1 mock ham loaf, and several containers of cream of chicken soup to my freezer.  And it didn't take me an entire day to do it.  I had planned to make the chicken casserole for Monday's supper.  Since I had all the ingredients, I just made two casseroles and froze one.  I did the same thing a few days later when I made mock ham loaf.  On the day I made chicken casserole, I needed some extra cream of chicken soup.  I already had broth from cooking the chicken so I made homemake cream of chicken, which I then froze in can-sized quantities so that I can use it in later recipes.

Which brings me to this morning.  On Monday's we have whatever I feel like making.  Today, it was waffles.  I got a great deal on sour cream last week at the grocery store so I have an abundance.  I found a sour cream waffle recipe on-line.  I doubled it and now I have this lovely stack of waffles ready for the freezer!

Et Voila! My freezer is being filled and I'm not needing to set aside an entire day.  I'm loving this!

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