Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Pictorial Tour of My Saturday

Well, Saturday still has several hours left in it, but I just had to take a break!  We have been SO busy!  We hit a nearby flea market/yard sale and I got this gorgeous enamel covered cast iron casserole dish for $4!

THEN we came home and I made T-bone's requested lunch:  grilled cheese sandwiches, caprese salads and chocolate milk.  Caprese Salads are our summer favorites.  When winter comes and the tomatoes taste like the shelf they're sold on, we may try Ina Garten's recipe here.  Here's a picture of the Caprese Salads I made today:

After lunch I gave the boys haircuts.  After The Big Dog finished mowing the lawn, he got a haircut too.  A mohawk for Big Mac and high-and-tights for The Big Dog and T-Bone:

While The Big Dog was mowing, I started cooking for supper.  We're planning on cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, so I made a pasta salad and a sour cream apple pie for dessert.  I sliced the tomatoes and cheese for the burgers and chopped onion for the burgers and hotdogs.

While I was loading the dishwasher from all my cooking, Favor figured out a new trick:

Yep, he's standing ON the open dishwasher door.  What a dog!  He's as crazy as the rest of us.

Now, everyone has fresh hair cuts (we're getting our family pictures taken at church Tuesday evening) and the house is in half-decent shape.  The laundry is ALMOST done...I'm getting there.  And I'm going to make the mock-danish for tomorrow's breakfast and then hit the showers!  What did you do with your Saturday?

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