Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce

"I'm talking about how to stay in one piece.  Try to get hold of the things that are important, the good and true things about your life.  Up there is some kind of lovely.  And maybe you need to have something in your heart, you know, something even more lovely.  To hlep you find your way home.  Otherwise maybe you could be beguiled."  p. 236 Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce published by Walden Media

I received a copy of the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce from Walden Media to review on this blog.  Truthfully, I received a copy of this book MONTHS ago, maybe even a year ago.  But I put off reading it.  I was afraid.  I was afraid I would be sad.  I hate to read things that make me sad.  Life is sad enough.  I don't want my entertainment to be sad as well. 

Cosmic is not sad.  It's a really sweet book about a boy named Liam.  His biggest problem is also his biggest blessing.  He's very tall and physically mature looking for his age, which is 12 years old.  He's a very bright boy and is easily mistaken for an adult on many occassions.  In Cosmic, he is mistaken for a grown-up in a major way!  But you have to read this book to find out about that major way.

Ironically, I could identify with Liam, the 12 year old boy, as he was mistaken for a dad.  He was trying to be fatherly at 12 when he should have been worrying about his next video game.  And, actually, he did a great job of being fatherly.  I often find myself thinking, "I'm a mother?  How did that happen?"  In my mind I feel the same as I did at 12.  Can our boys tell?  Yes, I could identify with Liam.

I enjoyed this book and am now handing it off to our boys for their bedtime reading.  Our oldest has taken to reading aloud to our youngest before bed each night.  I think they will find Cosmic to be just the thing for their evening adventures.  But for now, I want to leave you with one last quote:

"Maybe everyone's got their own special gravity that lets you go far away, really far away sometimes, but which always brings you back in the end.  Because here's the thing.  Gravity is variable."

p. 308


by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Published by Walden Media

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