Friday, September 24, 2010


Each year my BFF and I plan a fall trip to the metropolis of Enola, PA for KDO.  What is KDO you ask?  It's KNITTER'S DAY OUT!   There's a big vendor hall and classes to take.  We take two classes each year.  There's a yummy lunch and lots of fun with people who have similar interests to ours.  We have a group of girls who all attend together but we don't necessarily attend the same classes.  My BFF and I always attend the same classes.

One other feature of this event is the hat contest.  With your admittance fee to KDO you are asked to bring one hat to donate to charity. (Caps for Kids)  If you like, you can enter into a hat contest.  The first year I entered, I won!  Ever since then we've had a friendly competition over this contest.  Last year, none of us won.  But my girlfriend and I won the raffle and split $100 to spend in the shopping area!

This year, I had an idea for my hat but just didn't get it made.  I stayed up too late last night and have done nothing this morning so that I could get my hat finished.  I have to tell you, it looks pretty close to the vision I had in my head.  Praise God!  Here are the pictures of it.  I'll let you know if I win.  If you don't hear from me...I didn't win.

It's supposed to look like an upside down terracotta pot with the flowers spilling out the bottom.  Oh and ps, my husband laughingly calls KDO a cult!


  1. How clever!! Someday, I must learn to knit.

    I just noticed you were on this week's blog walk, so I wanted to stop by, say hi, and thank you for everything! I hope you have a great time at the KDO, and good luck in the hat contest. My mom goes to a Quilter's weekend every year in Hershey. It's always a lot of fun.

  2. I know that quilter's weekend! My friend goes to it as well. What a small world!