Monday, September 6, 2010

Not JUST a Homeschool Planner

I think I've told you before.  I love planners.  My favorite planner is definitely E-Book: The 2010 Schoolhouse PlannerI wrote an article here about how I used the planner pages to plan our homeschool year.  It was fantastic...not the article, but the planning.

But even though the name of the product is the "Schoolhouse" Planner.  It is so much more than a homeschool planner.  This week I started working on a planner for our home and my homemaking.  And, of course, I found all the pages I needed and then some in E-Book: The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner.

I printed an emergency contacts page for the front of the binder.  This time instead of handwriting everything, I sat at the computer and typed in our emergency info.  Then, I actually re-saved the planner document on the computer with all that information on that page.  So if something ever happens to my printed page, I can just re-print without having to re-enter everything.  And I'm really pleased with how neat and clean it looks.

Since I'm not the world's greatest house cleaner, I printed the Monthly Homekeeping Reminder list for my binder.  It's very useful.  And I added one or two of my own items that I want to remember to do as well!

And there are LOTS of other useful forms that will be added as I develop this homemaking binder.  I love the Daily To-Do List page.  There are home-improvement pages where you can develop each project individually.  And menu planning pages.  I could go on and on.

Finally, it's true-confession time.  I had a major explosion over Ketchup last week.  I went to make a recipe, after having driven to town once already that day for groceries, to find no ketchup in the house.  No one had bothered to tell me when they used the last of the ketchup.  So, I exploded.  Not good...not good at all.  My Schoolhouse Planner came to the rescue!  I found this grocery list.  Printed it.  And put it on the refrigerator.  Now, if we run out, everyone has a place to go to write it down.  What I love about this particular grocery list is that it has 16 boxes all labelled with different grocery store areas.  When I went grocery shopping on Saturday, I took it off the refrigerator and went to the store with a pre-sorted list!  Awesome.

So, here is yet another testimonial to this fabulous planner.  I haven't bought other planners, so I can't say for sure that this is the only planner that is so workable.  But The Schoolhouse Planner is REALLY workable.  You can type into the forms.  You can save the forms in the same file you downloaded. (You don't have to do a "save as.")  Many of the really useful forms have different formats so you can choose the one that works best for you and your family.  And there are a plethora of forms.  That's right a plethora.  Not just homeschooling forms but homemaking and home organizing forms.  This is really-truly a great product.

I did not pay for the copy of The Schoolhouse Planner that I am currently using.  But I am giving you my honest opinion of this product.  And I'm not being paid for this endorsement.

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