Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Salem Ridge Press

Several weeks ago I received a physical book and two e-books in order to tell you about the publishing company Salem Ridge Press.

I received a physical copy of "Out of the Mouth of the Lion or the Church at the Catacombs".  This book retails at Salem Ridge Press for $14.95 in softcover.  Hardcover is $24.95

I received an e-book copy of  "The Martyr's Victory"  This book retails at Salem Ridge Press for $14.95 in softcover.  Hardcover is $24.95

And I received an e-book version of "Yussuf the Guide"  This book sells for $16.95 in softcover and $26.95 in hardcover at the Salem Ridge website.

These books are appropriate for those over 12 years of age.  I read Out of the Mouth of the Lion for myself and there were parts that are definitely not appropriate for a child younger than 12.  I definitely want our 12 and 13 year old boys to learn of the faith-challenges undergone by those who came before us.  And Out of the Mouth of the Lion does just that.  Also, these books are a little difficult to read language-wise, so I would not go with a child younger than 12.  I read "Yussuf the Guide" outloud to the boys and I sometimes stumbled over the language.  But for those 12 and up, these are great character building books.

Since what I received was a sampling of books to show me what Salem Ridge Press was all about I would say that they produce quality products.  The books are challenging and deal with men and women of character.  The Emma Leslie series definitely points to Christ.  These books are from a different generation so at times the language can be a bit difficult but, for myself, I found them enjoyable to read.  A young teen may find them challenging, but I definitely think an older teen would be able to read without much trouble.

Go here to see an alphabetical listing of all the books Salem Ridge Press has to offer.

For more information on Salem Ridge Press or the books I've reviewed here, you can contact this vendor here.  Or you may want to check out the other reviews of my fellow crewmates at the Homeschool Crew blog here.

I received a physical book and two e-books from Salem Ridge Press free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review.

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