Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our New "Go To" Game

We've been having so much fun playing Wits & Wagers Family from North Star Games for the past few weeks.  This game has quickly become a family favorite.  The boys won't let me put it away with the other games.  We keep it on the piano bench as a "go to" game when we're looking for a game to play after supper.

The game is recommended for ages 10 and up, but a VERY young child can play this.  Players "guesstimate" answers to trivia questions.  All the answers are numbers.  Then all the guesses/estimates are placed in the center of the table and players bet on which number is the closest to the correct number without going over.  So, even though your guess might be completely off-base you don't have to bet on your guess, so you can still be right.  A complete game can be completed in 30 minutes.  Most evenings the four of us play 2 or 3 games in an hour after supper.  This would be lots of fun to play with a larger group.  You could have teams instead of individual players too.   It would be a great party game.

I could really imagine playing this game with small children.  They would be a blast!  Our guys are 12 and 14, but were not at a disadvantage at all.  As a matter of fact, the Big Dog was at the biggest disadvantage for this game.  We still tease him about his guess of how many children under the age of 13 owned cell-phones!

Amazon has Wits & Wagers Family for $17.24 here.  And I've already seen it at various retailers in our Central PA area.  We like to get a game for the family each year as a Christmas gift.  If you're still looking for your Christmas game, check out Wits & Wagers.  It's a hoot!

If you would like to contact North Star Games about Wits & Wagers, you will find their contact information here.  And if you would like to read the reviews of my fellow-crew-mates who have also played Wits & Wagers, go here

I received a complimentary copy of the game Wits & Wagers Family from North Star games in order to complete this honest review.


  1. Isn't this so much fun? I can't believe how much my guys love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

  2. We loved this game, and still do.

    I am stopping by from the Blog Walk.

    I know I am behind, but I am catching up.

    I am now following you with NB. Don't see a GFC.

    Would love a follow back, if you are not already.

    Thanks. Have a great day.