Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scripture Copybooks

Shortly before Christmas I received a catalogue from a Christian book company.  I had never received or seen anything from this company in the past.  Most of what they had to offer was WAY over my head.  But they had one item that I thought was a really neat idea.  These scripture copybooks were in their catalogue.

I love copy work.  The boys do it each day in their lessons, but I love to do it myself.  I'm always copying quotes from books I've read, both fiction and non-fiction.  I usually have something to copy each day out of my devotions.  The idea of copying an entire book of the bible into a journal is really appealing to me. 

I've seen journals that are fairly plain at my favorite bookstore as well as other retailers and discounters I frequent.  I could pick up a blank journal, use a gel pen to write the book and chapters I'm copying, and make my own bible copybook just like this one I saw before Christmas. 

I just wanted to share this idea in case you thought it might be a good one too!

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