Saturday, January 29, 2011

What 55 years of marriage looks like...

At Christmas-time my newphew and his fiancee decided to give my parents a family tree for Christmas.  They took pictures of each of my mom and dad's children with their spouses (there are four of us), and pictures of each of the grand-children (there are 13 total).  Then they purchased a beautiful silver tree that had oval frames hanging all over it.  They placed all these pictures in the oval frames.  It was a beautiful gift and my mother really treasures it.

Well, my nephew and his fiancee took all the pictures on Thanksgiving day because it was the one gathering where EVERYONE was present.  But they left our gathering and called a few minutes later to say that they forgot to get a picture of my parents.  They're the roots of the tree!  So I got the privilege of having that picture taken on my camera.  I wanted to share it with you. 

This is what 55 years of marriage looks like:


They were highschool sweethearts.  Dad joined the Navy and asked Mom to marry him.  He said that they would get married in a few months after he was finished with basic.  Well, little did he know that the Navy would send him on a minesweeper to Japan immediately after basic and he wouldn't return to PA for almost 4 years!  They survived that.  They survived four kids. (some of us more trouble than They survivied floods and hurricanes,  family vacations and times just on their own.  And now they are reaping the spoils of a marriage well-lived out for their children.  All four of us are in solid Christ-centered marriages.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. If I ever ran away from home, when we were kids, it would have been to your parent's house. I know, that's only running 1/2 a block but it's still running away. I have great memories of them and love them very much. I also loved how solid they were as a unit. They do Marriage right. Now what's wrong with the other 52% of marriages?
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. yeah, you gave your parents some trouble, I remember. But your big brother helped out too. What? I was paying attention. m.

  2. It is such a blessing Kristen. You are right. -lll

  3. Wait. I thought you DID live with us!?! Remember when you would come to the door and Dad would say, "forget your key boy?" Yeah, I wasn't the only trouble-maker, but I sure did my share! -lll

  4. That is such a beautiful gift idea! I love a good love story.