Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Line Learning and Games

A few months ago, I was digging around for some fun things to do for Friday Fun Lessons.  One resource I love for that is the homeschool buyers coop newsletter.  There's usually some interesting links at the bottom of each of their newsletters.  Well, this day was no exception and I found Big IQ Kids.  We played around on that website for almost an hour, taking the quizzes and playing the games that we earned by taking the quizzes.  At that time I only used the free version, which I thought was pretty good.  We found some games, the boys and I, that we all really liked.

Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later I got the opportunity to review Big IQ Kids!  Now we could play around with the subscription portion of the site and STILL play the games!

I must say, I'm really pleased with this website.  Each day the boys log on and do a spelling lesson, a vocabulary lesson, a math lesson, and a geography lesson.  We tend to slack off in geography around here, so I'm grateful for the geography lessons.  I wouldn't use math as the main lesson, just as a refresher, but the spelling and vocabulary could be your entire spelling/vocab. curriculum for the year.  After the boys finish their lessons, they earn points.  With the points they can play games.  And they have played some really cool challenging games!

The boys aren't crazy about the voices used on the website.  Sometimes, it can be hard to understand the spelling words and they need me to say what the word is so that they can hear how it's correctly pronounced.  BUT the spelling words are really challenging!  The other day, one of the guys had the word "ecclesiastic"! 

Although they whine a bit when I send them over to "do" Big IQ Kids, they always end up playing well into their free time after they've finished their lessons for the day. 

And I get notices when they've mastered a subject, such as a times-table, or taken a quiz.  I get daily notices on how well they've done on their spelling lessons.  (I won't tell you how bad it's been.)  I love this accountability.  And I didn't have to do anything to set that up.

You will find the pricing structure here.  You can get anywhere from a one-month to a 12-month subscription.  It's a bit pricey, 99.99 for a year, but it would completely cover a spelling and vocabulary curriculum for a year and give you math practice and geography reinforcement as well.

Check it out for yourself.  There is a free portion that will give you a very good idea of what Big IQ Kids has to offer.  But, as always, don't take my word for it.  Check out the reviews of my fellow crew-mates here.  We've thoroughly enjoyed our time with it and will continue to use it until our one-year subscription is up.

I received two one-year subscriptions to BigIQKids in order to complete this review.

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