Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Creative

We love art around our house.  It's never been a problem to fulfill our art requirement here in the little green cottage in the woods.  The boys are always drawing and filling sketchbooks.  As a matter of fact, right now we're away on a little weekend getaway and we had to stop at an office supply store to get some notebooks for the boys to draw in. 

Although getting lots of art time into our schedule is usually not a problem, getting formal art instruction is a problem.  I'm not an artist.  My mother and older brother paint beautifully.  The walls of our home are graced with several of my mother's paintings.  She's painted portraits of the kids and a picture of our house.  But I, however, was not graced with that gift.  And so, I can't really instruct the boys on how to properly draw something or how to use perspective, or appropriately hold a pencil.  Enter "See The Light."    We received a DVD with four art classes on it and on complimentary chalk drawing class.Magento Commerce

I loved that these art classes didn't require you to use any special art materials.  During the first lesson, the instructor lists the items needed and, although you could go and buy special charcoal art pencils, she says that a good ole #2 pencil is just fine.  When she shows colored pencils, I believe they are crayola brand.  I loved that.

The instructions are given very well.  The drawings that the boys made of a shoe on the 3rd or 4th lesson was really great.  I definitely credit the See the Light art classes for that.

The instructions wer very light and friendly in tone.  Sometimes it seemed like the instructor was talking down to the boys, but I think this is geared for a slightly younger age group.  Although I wouldn't consider the activities to be "dumbed down" at all.  The boys did learn and, as I said above, produced a fine sketch after taking these instructions.

And you can get the same DVD I worked from for free in your home too!  Just click here to get to the See the Light home page.  From there, click on "Get Your Free DVD!"  in the middle of the home page.  You will receive four art classes and one bonus chalk drawing class.

If you would like pricing and purchasing information about See the Light, please click here.  They offer 36 full lessons on their website.  During each lesson, the instructor gave a scripture and related her art and her lesson to that scripture.  Or maybe you would like to contact this vendor directly.  You can do so by clicking here

I would definitely give the free DVD a try.  It's a great opportunity to get four free art classes and see if See the Light is right for you.  Our boys enjoyed the lessons and got a lot out of them.  Maybe your students will too, who knows?  But, as always, don't take my word for it.  Check out the reviews of my fellow crew mates.

I received a copy of the See the Light DVD in exchange for this review.

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