Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Learned Latin this year!

When I learned that we were going to be reviewing a Latin level 3 book I was distressed.  We hadn't done ANY Latin at all and now we had to do level 3?!?  Well, after I was talked down from my ledge, the coordinator explained that the level just means the age of the child, not the 3rd book in a series.  Ok, I can do that.  Then I thought, "Oh, this is SO COOL.  We're going to learn Latin!"

Our material came from the company Greek 'n' Stuff a week later.  I received one student workbook ($21.95), one full-text answer key ($21.95), and one pronunciation CD ($10).  You can buy all of this as a set for $58.40.    I opened the package and we completed our first lesson that same day.  It is that easy to implement.  I did order another student workbook so that the boys could each have their own workbook for their boxes.  And I would recommend that.

The lessons are easy and fun.  Each day the boys have one worksheet where they write three or four new latin words several times as they pronounce them out loud.  Then they have flash cards at the back of the book for those words.  They cut out the flash cards and add them to their growing stack of cards.  Everyday, they quiz each other on all their flashcards for all the Latin words they have learned thus far.  And they're learning!  I don't have to do ANYTHING.  And they're learning Latin!  We are also using the pronunciation key daily just to make sure we are pronouncing everything correctly.

If you're ready to try Latin, I highly recomment "Latin's Not So Tough" from Greek 'n' Stuff.  Our level 3 product was meant for the older child, but the level one products are for very young elementary.  So there is something for every age!  You will find their contact information here.  And if you want to try any of their other products, they have a lot of great stuff.  Go to their webpage and click to receive a printed copy of their catalog or click the link to view it online.  And please read the other reviews of my fellow crew-mates there were lots of different products being reviewed, so you'll get a really good idea of what Greek 'n' Stuff has to offer.

Disclaimer:  I received the products listed above at no cost  from Greek 'n' Stuff in order to complete my fair and honest review.

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