Friday, May 20, 2011

Homemade Sausage

On the weekend, the Big Dog makes breakfast.  If we're not rushing off to church or some other weekend activity we love a big fry-up.  He makes eggs-to-order, toast, and homefries.  When we catch a good sale, we have bacon, ham or sausage with our fry-up.  But then I found this recipe for sausage seasoning and now we can have breakfast sausage every day!

The recipe is for five-pounds worth of sausage.  But what I do is mix up the total recipe and then add a heaping tablespoon-full to one-pound of ground meat.  We've used ground-venison, ground-beef, and even ground-chicken!  And it tastes delicious.  All the spices are ingedients I usually have on-hand in my pantry.  We often get ground meat in our monthly purchase of Angel Food boxes, and this is a great way to use some of those packages that aren't of the quality you would use to make burgers or another ground meat main dish.

As a matter of fact, the picture above was made with ground chicken from Angel Food.  And we're due to get one-pound packages of ground chicken in this month's box too.  I think there will be some biscuits and gravy in my future!

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