Monday, May 23, 2011

How I Follow a Blog

Although I consider myself somewhat technologically savvy, I don't get some of the blog-following tools and how they work.  Some of my friends use Google friend connect.  I've connected to their blogs using this, but other than connecting, I don't know how to follow or read their blogs using friend connected.  This blog you are reading is part of Facebook Networked blogs.  You can add me the blogs you follow using that.  I follow a bunch of blogs on Networked blogs.  When their blog entries show up on my FaceBook page, I read them.

But the way I truly follow a blog is this:  If I find a blog I enjoy reading or that follows something I enjoy, like homeschooling, knitting, or crochet, I add it to my favorites.  In my internet favorites I have a "blog" folder.  Links to all those blogs I enjoy are in the "blog" folder.  When I get a few spare minutes in my day, or if I just need a little pick-me-up, I go to my blogs folder and start clicking through to some of my favorites looking at any updated content.

I'm not going to share all my favorites with you, but two of them are :

  • Everyday Crochet  Doris Chan, popular crochet designer, blogs here and shares some of her lovely patterns for free.  She's really amazing and I'm anxious to make several of her crochet projects.  They're always lacy and beautiful.

  • My Repurposed Life  I have a headboard and footboard in the attic that I'm longing to turn into a bench.  The projects and pictures on this blog are really inspiring!

So that's how this not-very-blog-savvy individual follows blogs.  Check out those two above, you may find them enjoyable.  What blogs do you follow and why?

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