Friday, May 13, 2011

Listen to Me!

Do you use that phrase?  I do.  It's usually when I want the boys attention before going to an outting.  It goes something like this, "Listen to me.  We are NOT staying at this gathering for long.  Do you understand?"  or "Listen to me.  If you do not behave during this meeting there will be no X-box for a week!" 

For me, "listen to me" is a preface to a command.  I'm telling the boys that something serious is coming and they need to perk-up!

Yesterday, I heard that phrase in my head but in a different way as we were driving to a youth group gathering.  The boys are always excited on Thursday afternoons.  They are part of a group of very like-minded like-personality junior-highers at our church about 40 minutes away from our house.  The group is called Edge.  Actually, Thursdays are a fun day for the the boys and me.  They have "Edge" in the afternoon and then we hang out near the church, going out for a fast-food supper together, and return to the church for worship team rehearsal where I play the piano, sing and sometimes lead.  It's a long day, but a fun one for the three of us.  Daddy "fends for himself" here at home, and I get some special time with our guys.

Since we have a lengthy drive to church, and the boys are always excited about going to Edge, they are very animated and chatty.  Yesterday was no exception.  We weren't even a mile from the house when the boys were talking over one-another trying to tell me all that was on their minds.  Their conversations are funny as they jump from subject to subject, sometimes in a very random way.  I have to confess that sometimes I tune them out.  I let them chatter and I make my mental lists or re-hash a recent conversation.  But as we were heading to Edge yesterday, I heard "listen to me!"  in my mind.  I'm sure it was the Holy Spirit's prompting. I was drawn into their conversation, reminded that the time I have with the boys is precious.   I need to listen to every word, even the silliness, and be part of it. 

Our oldest is 14 and a half.  Our yougest is almost 13.  It seems like two minutes ago they were 2 and 3 years old.  The time goes by so quickly.  I am often reminded that our time with the guys is fleeting.  And they will be adults in such a short amount of time.  I know I will long for those 40-minute drives with our chatty boys when they are out and on their own.

And so, with renewed perspective, I'm listening.  I am putting away my lists and concerns long enough to hear whatever is on the boys' hearts to share with me.  Hopefully, I can tuck away what they have to say for those days when they are fully grown and I'm missing them.  Since that reminder to listen, the phrase, "listen to me" holds new meaning.

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