Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Million Things to Do with your Kids...part 1

1.  Hug them.

2.  Tell them you love them.

3.  Let them play with their food.  We were eating supper a few weeks ago and Big Mac had some mashed potatoes left on his plate at the end of the meal.  He said, "Can I pick these up with my hands?"  I said, "Sure!"  much to my husband's shock and surprise.  After a few minutes of squishing, he cleaned everthing up including himself and his plate and we moved on with the evening.

4.  Take a walk.  Find a new trail to hike or a new road to travel.  We recently discovered a new trail at our local state park and it's our go-to favorite.

5.  Stop at a playground.

6.  Play a video game.  The boys are great at them.  I am not.  They begged and begged for me to play with them one day.  I finally agreed and we had a great time.  I was killed multiple times in 15 minutes, but we laughed and joked the entire time.

7.  Play chess.

8.  Play checkers.  You can make your own set out of bottle caps and paper if you don't have checkers.  You can draw a checkers board in the sand at the beach and use shells or in the dirt at a campsite and use rocks.

9.  Throw the baseball.

10.  Keep a gratitude journal.  You can both share your thankfulness.

11.  Go to a baseball game.  Whether it's your local little league (which can be hysterical) or a minor or major-league game, these are lots of family fun.

12.  Clean their closets.  It's actually fun to see what they've worn in the past, what they've outgrown, and make a list of what they need.

13.  Learn a new card game.

14.  Cook supper.

15.  Dance.  Turn the music up LOUD!

16.  Have a campfire.  If you can't have a fire ring in your yard, fire up the grill.  OR when we lived in an apartment, we put a bunch of tea light candles on a tray and had a "campout" inside the apartment.

17.  Play in the sand.  You can do this at the beach, in a sand box, or, again, inside.  We put a bag of sand in a large flat plastic tub and had an indoor sandbox.

18.  Start a nature journal.  Draw a picture of something in your backyard and look up the proper name for it on-line.

19. Play chinese jumprope.  If you don't own a chinese jumprope, make one out of elastic. 

20.  Keep track of the weather.  This is a great use for an old calendar.

21.  Paint.  Finger paints...watercolors...acryllics...oils...poster name it.

22.  Make a mural.  Tape a big piece of butcher's paper onto your wall and let the kids add to it whenever the mood strikes.

23.  Watch birds.  We have a platform feeder outside our living room picture window and a hummingbird feeder attached to our picture window.

24.  Have a pet.  In the past we have had dogs (still have 2), cats (still have 1), a rat, 2 anoles, a frog, 2 guinea pigs, and 2 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

25.  Take in a stray.  We took in a stray dog in late January.  She gave birth to 5 puppies three weeks later!  We had no idea!  What an adventure.

OK, that's the first installment of 1,000,000 things to do with your kids...only 999,975 to go!

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