Thursday, May 5, 2011

Printable Graph Paper

We are working our way through our embroyology papers as part of a 4-H project when I needed some graph-paper.  I know I have a tablet of graph-paper somewhere...but where?  So I went to swagbucks, typed in "printable graph paper" and one of the options was this.  It's simple.  It's brilliant.  "Print Free Graph Paper" is useful and very handy when you need a sheet of graph paper.

And it's not just for the homeschool.  Are you planning a room re-design?  Use graph paper to lay out the room on paper.  Are you designing a crochet or knit pattern?  Use graph paper to design your pattern.  And you can customize your graph paper to your needs.  Too cool.

I know that those of us that homeschool think about the pioneers and wonder how they did it.  I wonder how they did it without the internet!

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