Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for Prayer!

I have a little wooden sign on the windowsill above our kitchen sink that says "Time for Prayer!"  It's a great reminder to me.  I love the idea of  praying without ceasing.  I think we should always have a conversation going with the Lord all day long.  I love that the Amish women wear their prayer kapps all the time because they want to be reminded to pray without ceasing.

So, I have tried to sprinkle little prayer reminders around our house and throughout my day to remind me to keep the conversation going. 

I have an alarm on my phone that rings at 11 AM every morning.  This all began when I was talking on the phone with my friend Eric.  He was walking down the street in New York City, where he lives and works, and he said, "Hey let's pray for each other at 11 AM today!"  And so we did.  This began a daily habit.  The alarm reminds me to pray for Eric at that time every day.

I have started writing down prayer concerns in my calendar.  When I hear of a friend or family member having a medical appointment, or other challenge on a certain day, I put it in my calendar.  I don't keep a special prayer calendar, I use the same calendar that I write all my family appointments in.  It's the calendar I look at each morning to plan our day.  So I see that prayer request multiple times in a week and am reminded to pray.

Lastly, part of my daily devotions is to read a prayer in "The Valley of Vision."  This book of puritan prayers touches me every time I read a prayer.  It's not rote repition for me but a way for me to cry out to God in prayer.  The prayers in this book always speak to me about my life and spiritual state.  I use the words in the prayer I choose from The Valley of Vision to guide my heart in speaking to my Lord.

So, those are some of the ways I am able to fill my day with prayer.  Do you have more ideas for me?  I'd love all the tips I can get to fill my day with prayer.

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