Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Write It Down!

Ok, I think I'm learning!  I really do.  I'm learning that even though I have a good mind and a good memory I can't remember it all.  I need to write things down!  Here's what happened to solidify this for me:

I was working on math with T-bone.  During our work, he and his brother had a very funny conversation that I wanted to remember.  I quickly grabbed his notebook and scribbled down what they were saying.  The next day, I could not recall that conversation, but I could remember that I wrote it down!  I found the notebook and copied it into one of my own so that I could have that little treasure.  The same day that the boys had that funny conversation, I was making breakfast and used the last of the non-stick spray.  I thought, "Oh, I should have the Big Dog stop on the way home and pick this up."  But I didn't write it down.  Later that day, the Big Dog called from work and said, "Do you need me to stop and pick anything up on my way home?"  My answer?  "Well, I know I do...but I can't remember what it is!"

So here's the lesson boys and girls!  Write it down!  Have a great thought?  Write it down.  Think of something you want to blog about later?  Write it down!  See a great idea in a magazine at the Dr's office?  Write it down!  That's my plan.

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