Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Robert Pierre New CD - and giveaway!

When I saw the cover of the new Robert Pierre CD, "I'm All In", I thought of the older singers that I enjoy like Sinatra or Dean Martin.  But the music on this CD is all new and very good.

With titles like "Sing for Joy", "Be Lifted Up", and "Greater is He", you will find Robert Pierre's "I'm All In" to be inspiring as well as musically entertaining.  It's good music.

Although he looks like one of those old-time singers on the cover, the music is upbeat and new.  This is a not a retro CD at all.  The songs are often danceable and always singable.  I love that the whole CD is inspiring.

If you've never heard of Robert Pierre, he has a website where you can learn more about him.  And he's on facebook too!

You will find this CD inspiring, yes, but it's also really fun and upbeat.  The words point you to Jesus, and the music makes you smile.  And you can get your own copy of this CD just by leaving me a comment!  That's right.  I'm hosting another giveaway.  This will be a short one.  Leave a comment on THIS blog post and in one-week I'll choose one random comment to win a copy of Robert Pierre's new CD "I'm All In."  So get those comments rolling!  I'll pick a winner on Thursday August 4, 2011.  Leave a comment.  This contest ends Midnight est Wednesday, August 3, 2011.  Only 1 comment per family please!


********** I am extending the contest for another 24 hours!  So get those comments in!  With so few comments, you have a greater chance fo winning.  How about some new music for you or a friend?  Just leave a comment.  ***********

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Family Illustrated Bible

We have a new book that we read after supper as a family.  Some people call this time family devotions.  We don’t put a name on it, we just read together as a family.  Well our new book is called the Family Illustrated Bible.

The Family Illustrated Bible is a big book (356 pages including the index) with beautifully illustrated full-color pages.  Interspersed between the stories are fact-pages.  These are full of illustrations as well as facts explaining the time period or another subject.  I was immediately attracted by the illustrations.  Not every page is fully illustrated, but there are illustrations on every page.  Some pages have two-page spreads of pictures or other color illustrations and these are the pages that made me gasp.

The information pages are busy, which we all enjoy.  There are snippets of information along side pictures that refer to those snippets.  I
believe that these pages and the maps are The Big Dog’s favorites.

And of course all of us love the stories.  I really like having a quality resource to get us talking about the Word after supper.  It’s a time to gather as a family and the stories always get us talking.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the bible.  In the store of The Garden of Eden, it says, “But, although God was very pleased with His work so far, there was one thing that still worried Him.”  We had a discussion about how God does not worry.  At the very beginning of the book, there is this statement, ”Its vision of a single, all-powerful God, concerned with individual human behavior, underlies three world religions:  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.”  On the informational pages the writing is in the third person.  Instead of saying “we believe” it would say “Christians believe.”  In our family, we are able to take all of this and make it part of our family discussion as “iron sharpens iron” and I’m grateful for that.

And so you will find us, around the kitchen table. Reading a bible story and sometimes getting out our bible to read what the Word has to
say on the matter.  You will always find us deep in conversation about the story we read and how it applies to our lives.  A book like this one is valuable for any family.


I received a copy of The Family Illustrated Bible from New Leaf Publishing in order to complete this honest review.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Building Geography

I spent a fun hour yesterday before the boys woke up getting our geography lessons planned for the upcoming year.  This year will be more intense.  We are buying curriculum for almost every subject.  We have, historically, been ecclectic homeschoolers.  We do some unit studies, some Charlotte Mason-type activities.  But this year is Big Mac's first year of high school.  It's time to get serious, but not entirely serious. 

For geography, I picked up this book:

I got it at my local Michael's Craft Store.  You can get an idea of its contents here.  If you click there, you will see a map.  When you click on one of the countries on the map, a page pops up with information about the country and links to crafts you can create based on the country's culture.  There are 18 countries ready to study.

So, we're going to do one country a week.  I went back to my Wonder Map and printed beautiful black and white maps of each country.  You can see a bit of the maps in the picture above.  If you subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, you have access to a lot of freebies via their Teacher's Toolbox website.  WELL, on Teacher's Toolbox, they have a set of "Country Study Notebook Pages" in the downloadable content section that will fit perfectly with this study.

So, you will find us, on Fridays studying a country.  Coloring the map.  Making related crafts.  And recovering from a week of curriculum!

Are you planning any fun lessons this year?  Leave a comment here or on Facebook.  I'd love to know what you're doing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First-Ever Contest

If you look to the right and down on my blog, you will find a "widget" for Google Friend Connect.  In celebration of me figuring out how to do that :) I'm hosting a contest here at Life on the Roller Coaster.

I'm a knitter and a crocheter, so my very first contest is crochet-related.  I have three skeins of lovely yarn and a brand-new size H crochet hook.

There is one skein Lion Brand Jiffy color:  El Paso.

There is one skein Patons Allure, color: Emerald (it's got a bit of glitz)

And there is one skein Patons SWS.  I don't have the wrapper for it anymore, but it's a creamy fuzzy yarn.

Interested?  There are lots of ways to get an entry.  First, follow me using Google Friend Connect.  Simply use the widget to the right.  When you do, leave a comment and that will be one entry.  Another way to get an entry, is be my friend on facebook.  (Lori Lynn Lydell) Just leave a comment that you've done so.  Want another way?  How about posting a link to this blog contest on your facebook page...just leave a comment and tell me that you've done that.  Or maybe you tweet...tweet with a link to this blog post about the contest and leave a comment and you get ANOTHER entry.  If you can think of another way to promote my blog and this contest, I'll give you an entry for it...just leave a comment:)  Get the picture?

And that's it.  My first contest.  Google friend connect.  All good things.  This contest will end at midnight Eastern Standard Time on August 19, 2011.  That is one-month from the time of the first post.

Let the games begin!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few F.O.s

What's an F.O. you ask?  Well, it's a finished object.  I don't get as much time to knit and crochet as I would like, but I have managed to finish a few things in the past few months, so I thougt I'd share some pics and descriptions with you.

I used up a bunch of feltable wool to make two of these big baskets.  I'm storing some of my yarn in them in our bedroom.  It's a nice decorative way to do that.  I used a pattern in last year's crochet pattern-a-day pattern.

I actually gave this doilee to my future neice.  She and my nephew will be married in just a few weeks.  This was her shower gift.  Do you remember when I wrote about the blessing I received with a box of crochet thread?  I used some of that to make this Sunflower Doilee.  The pattern can be found here.

A few weeks ago I didn't want to work, so I spent a short part of the afternoon making these little stuffed fish.  I threw them into a gift bag for a neice.  I thought that she could throw them at her brother and then they could be called flying fish :)  This was a pattern from the crochet pattern-a-day calendar for 2011.

This is the DNA scarf.  This crochet scarf is actually called The Wavelength and is available on Ravelry.com for free.  If you're on Rav, friend me, I'm Crochetlu!  I called it the DNA scarf because when I brought it out of the project bag at World Wide Knitting in Public Day my friend Katie said, "What is that?  It looks like DNA!"  hence the name.

And, finally, this is the Divine Hat.  I used a smaller hook (size F, I think) and Debbie Bliss cashmerino to make it baby-size.  And it is beautiful.

So that's the fruit of the last six month's or so.  right now, I have five different things on my hooks and sticks.  I'm working on knitting a swing sweater, crocheting a raglan pullover, knitting a little basket to be felted, and a fun fur scarf for a new Etsy shop I'd like to open.  Oh AND I'm doing a summer mystery knit from this yarn shop.

And that's it!  When I can squeeze it in, you'll find me with a hook or some sticks in my hand.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plain Wisdom

Several months ago, I received an advanced copy of Plain Wisdom from Cindy Woodsmall and Miriam Flaud as part of my participation in Blogging for Books.  The best way to describe Plain Wisdom is that it's like sitting on the porch with an older mother, gleaning wisdom from her advice. 

Each of the authors takes her turn writing about different areas of a woman's life.  The writing is conversational, inspirational, and relational.  I learned things about how I structure my day.  I learned some of the whys and wherefors of Amish culture.  I even got a few gift ideas fo next Christmas!

This book made me smile.  I hate to sound cliche but it gives me a warm feeling just to write about it.  And it's not Amish Fiction.  So those of you who avoid Beverly Lewis and other authors that focus on this genre, do not avoid Plain Wisdom.  This is a non-fiction book offering insight into the lives of two wives and mothers.  They confer their wisdom onto the reader in plain speak.  It was a breath of fresh air to read.  I highly recommed this book.

120 x 60

For Sale!

I don't know if this is the right time of year to do this, but I have a crate full of stuff that I'd love to pass along to another family who will find it useful.  If you're in the market for any homeschooling materials, take a look!

I will sell these on a first-come first-serve basis.  Simply leave a comment with your contact info. and I'll get back to you with the shipping costs.

FREE, you pay shipping:

See the Light Art Class, 4 lesson sampler + preview clips CD

Story Starters Set1: Intermediate Level, Creative Teaching Press, Inc.  Laminated cards

Search and Research:  An individualized approach to the initial teaching of research skills.  Set A, laminated cards

For Sale:

Writing Down the Days, by Lorraine M. Dahlstrom, M.A., 365 Creative Journaling Ideas for Young People  $3.99

Writers Express:  A handbook for Young Writers, Thinkers, and Learners  $3.99

Power Glide Foreign Language Courses:  French, The ultimate foreign language adventure, book and audio tapes (1999 ed.)  $10

Christian Kids Explore Physics, book  with student pages on CD.  Never used.  $24

The Star-Spangled State Book and Student Workbook  Never used.  $35

Honey for a Child's Heart:  Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life by Gladys Hunt (1989 ed.) $5

Beehive Reader 1 by Marie Rippel with Renee LaTulippe  $10

What Am I? a collection of short stories by Marie Rippel and Renee LaTulippe  $10

Who Should We Then Read?  by jan Bloom revised and expanded 2001.  $10

The Pre-Algebra Tutor Volume 1, 5 Hour Video Tutorial!  $13

Books children Love:  A Guide to the Best Children's Literature by Elizabeth Wilson 7th printing, 1993.  $5

Boys! Shapng Ordinary Boys into Extraordinary men by William Beausay II $3.99

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris  $3.99

Foundlings Book one of The Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Christian Harding  $6.00

The heart of Anger by Lou Priolo $5

Fandex Trees $5

Creation or Evolution A Home-Study Curriculum by Mike Snavely $7.50

the Big Book of Music Games mcGraw-Hill children's Publishing  $8.00

Bringing Up Boys by Dr. james Dobson, hardback  $9

Famous Men of Rome History for the thoughtful child.  Greenleaf Guide $5

The Gift of Family Writing Book and CD by Jill Novak with "Becoming God's Naturalist" audio CD  $20

Cooper Kids Adventure Series Books 1-4 by Frank Peretti $10

Passport to Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey Guide your child on an adventure to maturity.  A life-changing getaway with your preteen!  $10

Phew!  That's a big list.  My fingers are exhausted.  Please leave a comment, or send me a facebook message.  I'll let you know how much it would cost to ship.  I'll ship media mail or whatever method you prefer.