Monday, July 25, 2011

The Family Illustrated Bible

We have a new book that we read after supper as a family.  Some people call this time family devotions.  We don’t put a name on it, we just read together as a family.  Well our new book is called the Family Illustrated Bible.

The Family Illustrated Bible is a big book (356 pages including the index) with beautifully illustrated full-color pages.  Interspersed between the stories are fact-pages.  These are full of illustrations as well as facts explaining the time period or another subject.  I was immediately attracted by the illustrations.  Not every page is fully illustrated, but there are illustrations on every page.  Some pages have two-page spreads of pictures or other color illustrations and these are the pages that made me gasp.

The information pages are busy, which we all enjoy.  There are snippets of information along side pictures that refer to those snippets.  I
believe that these pages and the maps are The Big Dog’s favorites.

And of course all of us love the stories.  I really like having a quality resource to get us talking about the Word after supper.  It’s a time to gather as a family and the stories always get us talking.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the bible.  In the store of The Garden of Eden, it says, “But, although God was very pleased with His work so far, there was one thing that still worried Him.”  We had a discussion about how God does not worry.  At the very beginning of the book, there is this statement, ”Its vision of a single, all-powerful God, concerned with individual human behavior, underlies three world religions:  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.”  On the informational pages the writing is in the third person.  Instead of saying “we believe” it would say “Christians believe.”  In our family, we are able to take all of this and make it part of our family discussion as “iron sharpens iron” and I’m grateful for that.

And so you will find us, around the kitchen table. Reading a bible story and sometimes getting out our bible to read what the Word has to
say on the matter.  You will always find us deep in conversation about the story we read and how it applies to our lives.  A book like this one is valuable for any family.


I received a copy of The Family Illustrated Bible from New Leaf Publishing in order to complete this honest review.

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  1. Enjoyed your review - we have this too, and love it as well! Blessings!