Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Plans for Family Movie Night

We got the opportunity to preview the upcoming family movie night feature, "Who is Simon Miller" this week.  I must advise that you all make plans to watch it this Saturday on NBC.  This was a fun family adventure.  It's full of action and intrigue.  Our whole family loved it.

Watch of trailer of this action-packed adventure here

As a family, we love movie nights.  I've shared with you in the past about our love of technology around here.  Well, our movie collection is a testament to our love of family movie time.  "Who is Simon Miller?" did not disappoint us.  It's about a man who is the father of two children and the husband of one wife, but also an internatinal spy.  Of course, his family doesn't know about his secret life as a spy.  What unfolds is intersting and keeps you guessing almost to the end.

Although the movie is an action adventure movie, there is minimal violence.  A gun is shown during  a scene, but a gun is never shot during the entire movie.  There are plenty of chase scenes and a skirmish or two, but no fist fights.  So this is definitely a family-friendly action movie.

There is a theme to this movie.  The them is "trust."  Trust is an issue between parent and child, friend to friend, spouse to spouse, and co-worker to co-worker in "Who is Simon Miller?"  But the theme is not over done or sappy.

As movie buffs we are not fans of the overly dramatic movies.  We, as a family, don't enjoy sad movies.  Life is sad enough, we don't want to be saddened by our entertainment.  SO, all that being said, "Who is Simon Miller?" kept us entertained, made us think about trust, and engaged us in the characters, without making us sad.  That's a win-win-win in this house.

Mark your calendar.  Pop your popcorn.  Grab the afghan.  And watch "Who is Simon Miller?"  Saturday night, 8 PM est, on NBC.  You'll be glad you did.

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