Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Strange Devotional

I have a devotional I use sometimes that probably wasn't meant to be a devotional.  And yet it's a very inspiring resource.  One time I talked to you about not overlooking a resource just because it's not meant for children your children's ages.  Well the same can be said about overlooking books with Christian spiritual content that could be used as devotions.  Here's a picture of the book I'm talking about:

Yep, it's a hymnal.  It's an older hymal published in 1941 for youth.  It's thin, with some hymns I've never heard of.  Not only are there hymns, but also a lot of supplemental readings.  There are great responsive readings at the back that are all scriptural.  There are pages entitled "Prayers and Collects" that have some beautiful writings.  There is poetry and extra readings meant for special services.  And then of course there are the hymns.  Some of the hymns I've never heard of, but they are beautiful and always apt.  I manage to find a reading, hymn or poem in this book that encourages me every time I pick it up.

It's an unlikely book to think of as a devotional, but it points me to God when I read and it's definitely inspiring.

So, don't overlook older books that are Godly but not necessarily meant as a devotional.  You will be inspired.

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