Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Re-recipe

I was sitting at the table while Big Mac was finishing up his math. I had a few recipes on the table and a new magazine. Of course, when you flip through a new magazine, you end up with a bunch of those little subscription cards all over the table.

One ongoing project for me is to take all of the recipes I have and put them onto cards that will fit into my wooden recipe box. It's a slow process and I'm not great at getting through my hundreds of recipes. But tonight, those little subscription cards gave me total inspiration! I could use these perfectly-sized cards for my recipes.

A few minutes later, after cutting the recipes and pictures and pasting them onto the cards, I had a pretty attractive recipe card and I didn't have to use a notecard, or throw away a perfectly good piece of cardstock!

So, reduce, reuse, re-recipe and put those sub-cards to good use today! Here's my ending result:

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