Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thrift Store...uh...Sunday?

I did get to go to my favorite thrift store on Thursday. The Big Dog was home with me and we dropped the boys off at youth group and had a date! It was lovely. I got a bunch of candles, another pair of dressy earrings, and these luncheon plates with cups:

I just really liked them and thought they were sweet. The mug sits in a special spot that has been marked out just for it. I had visions of putting muffins and tea on them for an afternoon tea-time; or maybe a sandwich and small cup of soup in that sweet little glass mug.

Fast-forward from Thursday to last night, Saturday. I had been away with my knitty friends for the afternoon. I put supper for the Big Dog and the boys in the crock pot and they ate a late lunch. So by the time I got home a little after 6 PM, everyone was hungry. I brought chips and salsa home and was planning to just put out a stack of paper plates and the snacks. Then, Big Mac said, "We sould use our new plates!" And THIS was his idea:

Salsa in the mug and chips on the plate. These little luncheon plates are PERFECT for this snack.

I have seen these plate sets at the thrift store in the past. Maybe you can find a set for you and your family to use for snacks, sandwiches OR chips and salsa!

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