Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday at the Thrift Store

It's Thursday. I love Thursday. On Thursday afternoon's the boys go to "Edge" which is a youth group/gym time. They spend two hours playing games and being active, as well has having devotions and, sometimes, worship. I spend two hours visiting my favorite thrift store, having a latte and squeezing in an errand or two. Want to see what I got today?

All the cute novelty buttons you see here were $.75. I just love them. There are some cute strawberry themed buttons, a set of fall buttons with leaves, birds and bird nests. A complete package of flowers with two flower pot buttons. And another set called "wedding" that have a sage green color running through them. They are very beautiful. Oh, and there was one Beatrix Potter "Peter Rabbit" button that I just couldn't pass-up. It was too sweet!

Next, I got the "Roll-o-Ruler." This is the coolest ruler! It has a rolling bar on it. So say you want to draw two lines that are two inches apart. You draw the first line and then you roll the ruler backward or forward and watch the measurments tick-off on the rolling bar until you get to two inches. Then you draw another line. And voila! You have two lines two inches apart.

THEN I got the movie Sleepless in Seattle. I'm a sucker with any romantic comedy especially if it has Meg Ryan in it. I watch You've got Mail about six times a year, at least. So this was a good addition to my movie collection. I also got four votive candles and two brand-new pillar candles. Now that the days are shorter, it cheers us all to light candles all around the living area of the house. Getting candles inexpensively at the thrift store allows us to burn even more!

I got these three plates. I just LOVE the pattern. I wish they had four, but they didn't so I took what they had. And they were only $.25 each! These are little saucers, but I'll use them to serve muffins for tea or maybe a few cookies.

So far, so good right? I got a bath mat for $4. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it's a cotton bath mat with light blue, dark blue, white and yellow stripes. It's kind of beachy. It's one of those that doesn't have the rubber backing on it so you can wash it to your heart's content without having it fall apart! Yay! I was just telling the Big Dog that I wanted a new mat that didn't have the rubber on it. We priced them at Wal Mart and they were at least $15.

Finally, just for me, and just for fun....these earrings. I LOVE them! They make me smile. They're surprisingly light in my ears and they DO make a statement, don't they?
So have you snagged any good bargains lately? Have you wished for something and had God provide it for you on the shelves of a thrift store? Share! Share!

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