Friday, January 20, 2012

Easy Applesauce

It all began with this:
And ended with this:
We had a bag of apples, I think they were gala, that were starting to bruise a little and get mealy.  So I tried a little experiment.  I cored all the apples and cut them into smallish pieces.  I left the peals on the apples.  You can't really tell it from the bottom picture, but the applesauce had a lovely pink color from the apple peels.  I turned the slow cooker on medium and left the kitchen for about six hours. The results were delicious.

Since the apples I used were already a sweet apple I didn't use any sweetener at all.  The beauty of this applesauce is that it's pumped with fiber and ZERO Weight Watcher's points!  The only drawback was that I kept the peels in the sauce for the fiber.  The boys didn't care for that.  When I do this again, I will puree the sauce at the end to break the peels up and blend them into the sauce a bit.

I will definitely do this again.  Even adding a drop of vanilla or another of your favorite flavorings won't add any Weight Watcher's points.  And you can buy a bag of apples for $3.99.  That's a good deal for a big pot of yummy applesauce!

Anyone else got a good weight watcher's recipe/tip to share?

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  1. yum I love to run across fall recipes as we always get a lot of stuff given to us in the fall. I should try weight watchers again. i have gotten as far as to make a button on the side of my blog for weight loss and it has gone no farther lol The Gala are our family fav apples to munch on for snacks also.