Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looking at the Stars

We have spent a couple weeks looking at the stars and watching the moon around our house.  It's really been fascinating.  And the Celestial Almanack has facilitated our time spent stargazing.

Have you heard about this new resource?  It is a beautiful book.  The graphics are absolutely striking.  And the text is so easily understandable.  The author, Jay Ryan, has years and years of astronomy experience, which shows in the text of this e-book.  At only 17-pages, you can easily print the Celestial Almanack, but it is very graphic heavy, so consider your ink cartridges.

To use the Celestial Almanack, I did print a copy for the boys to look at and I sent a copy to my Kindle so that I could read along as we read through the e-book together.  During the day, we read portions of the e-book and then around 7 PM, we head out into the backyard to spy the constellations we've learned about.  We even took some dark construction paper and chalk and mapped a constellation the other day just to see what we remembered.

There is a calendar at the beginning of the book that tells what to look for on different days of the month.  This includes the moon-phases.  It has made us SO aware of the moon, it's location and when it sets and rises.  You wouldn't believe the crazy times the moon sets and rises!  The boys can actually tell me what phase the moon is in right now.  Which I think is so cool.

The Celestial Almanack by Jay Ryan and Fourth Day Press will have monthly editions that you can purchase (really reasonable for only $3 at Currclick) to stay abreast of what's going on in the night sky.  I plan to stay with this resource every month.  We've always wanted to know more about the constellations and now we've found the perfect resource to use to teach us just what we want to know.  It's easy to read, beautiful to view, and a bargain!  It has been so easy to use this resource in our homeschool.  It doesn't add a lot of extra time to our day and we're really learning.

So check out The Celestial Almanack.  The February issue should be published really soon and I just heard from Jay Ryan that "There is a very exciting conjunction of Jupiter and Venus coming together in the evening, and I want as many people as possible to be watching."  I'll be watching.  Will you?

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of the Celestial Almanack in order to complete this honest review.  What you see here is my truthful opinion.  

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