Friday, January 20, 2012

Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wright

Origins of the troubles in the Middle East:

  If you have ever struggled to understand what is going on in Israel and the many conflicts in the Middle East, then Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wright is the book you need to read.  This book is written in an easy-to-read format.  It comes from a biblical standpoint to explain the troubles and how they originate from what we read in the Old Testament.  This book ties the bible directly to the current conflicts.

I am a terrible non-fiction reader.  But I did find this book easy to read as I began it.  Since I am such a terrible non-fiction reader, completing the book was a total challenge.  But, if you are interested in the current political scene and conflicts surrounding Israel, this is a great primer.  This is not for you if you have already studied the conflicts and happenings in the Middle East.  It is the basics and originations of these conflicts.

"Seeds of Turmoil" by Bryant Wright is available at most major book retailers:
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If you would like to better-understand how all the turmoil began, pick up a copy of "Seeds of Turmoil" by Bryant Wright.

Disclaimer:  I received my copy of "Seeds of Turmoil" by Bryant Wright free of charge from the Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze review program in order to complete this honest review.  My opinion was not influenced by any outside sources.

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