Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Game Day

I've written in the past about our game days.  We love games of all kinds.  I've even had a chance to review a game or two, which we always enjoyed.  I love game days because it puts the control in the boys' hands.  Do you remember feeling like you didn't have control over anything when you were a kid?  I did.  So I introduced game days years ago.  Once a month, the boys get to pick a day for a game day.  We set aside all normal lessons and each of us picks two games to play.

As we've had a game-day once a month for the last five years, the competition has gotten fierce.  Usually, we just keep mental track of who wins each game and then give the Big Dog a report in the evening.  But today, T-Bone cleaned one of the blackboards in the kitchen and kept track of the game winners.
And it was a tie!  T-Bone won 3 games and Big Mac won 3.  SO, a tie-breaker game had to be played.
And so a final game of Battleship had to be played to determine the winner... T-bone!

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