Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Gave Up Facebook for Lent

Well, if you read the title for this post, then you may not feel you need to read the rest, but let me explain.  We've been observing lent as a family since the boys were small.  In my family, growing up, I was aware of what Lent was because my BFF then (and now) is Catholic.  But as a family, growing up, we did not observe Lent.  I've written to you in the past about how we celebrated Easter week and the treasured memory that is for me.

Anyway, this year, we began our Lenten season with Ash Wednesday service at the church we attend.  We are also working through a devotional that the entire church is working at the same time which has been excellent:
Seek God for the City 2012
But I wanted a personal choice that would make this Lent different for me.  I was looking for something to sacrifice or fast.  Many things came to mind, sweets, lattes, but as I was praying, I knew that those things weren't "it."  And then I spent the morning surfing through Facebook.

As usual, I read the posts of friends, relations, and acquaintances.  I got drawn into people's posts, spending time thinking about what they were saying and what others were saying to them.  Now, it is not a problem to be part of people's lives.  I firmly believe wants us to be people-people.  But when I realized the time that I was spending reading all the posts and replies, and then add to that the time I spend concerning myself with those posts and replies, I knew that Facebook was going to be my Lenten fast for 2012.

This is not a judgment on Facebook, my Facebook friends, or those who use Facebook.  Please read that again.  I will be back on Facebook.  I'm not giving it up for life or saying it's wrong to be a Facebook user.  I am just stepping away for a season in order to repurpose and refocus.  I want to see what the next 40 days or so will be like without that hour or two that I spent on Facebook.

The ironic thing is that this post will post on Facebook and so everyone who reads the title will know what I've done.  Ah well, I guess my Facebook existence will be sustained during my fast.

I hope you all have a meaningful Lenten season.  Write and let me know what you are doing to make your understanding of Easter more meaningful.


  1. Lori, it's probably the best idea ever! You really can get overwhelmed in other people's lives and all for what? Seriously, who needs more drama? Actually, if I blocked all my "Friends" under 40, most of that drama would go away. As it is, I mostly only post my blog updates to Facebook and then reply to anyone who comments. Other than that, I don't think people would care where we ate dinner. I'm bored even thinking about it myself.
    Okay, I don't know why I didn't Follow this blog before. But, I'm signing up now.
    Your Old Friend, m.

    1. Thanks my still young-looking friend! Big Mac said I'll never be able to do it, but I've gone a week and I seem to be fine! And I have seen some time open-up in my day. But you know what? lately, most of the drama came from those over 40! Crazy I know! Believe me, though, the young 'uns and their dramatic posts are a plenty on my FB feed! Love you!