Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(In)RealLife conference

Have you heard about the upcoming (in)RealLife conference April 27-28?  This is a really interesting on-line conference with the purpose of bringing people together and encouraging, or (in)couraging women.  The cost is very reasonable at $10 per registration.  And there's the option of hosting.

I think the hosting idea is really interesting.  If you host, you invite a group of women to come to your house for the conference.  So often with on-line events, we are all sitting alone at our computers and calling it fellowship.  Well, the (in)RealLife conference is trying to get us to actually fellowship with other women and bring them into our homes to attend the conference together.  If you choose to host a gathering, you can register as a host and receive tools to help you in your hosting duties.

This is a time of encouragement and fellowship no matter how you attend.  And for $10 you can afford to be encouraged!  Check it out!

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